Training and Studies Center

Bezalel graduate with a teaching certificate in art
The Jewelry Learning Center was established with the studio and gallery and is an integral part of the place. The vast experience of Liat Waldman, a Bezalel graduate, along with her teaching certificate in art allows students to acquire the basics of creative work, so they end up with jewelry they created by their own two hands.

Jewelry making as a profession or as a hobby
At the studio, there is a wide range of classes that allow students to develop and engage in jewelry design as a profession or as a hobby. The classes combine learning techniques according to the student’s wishes. The studio is equipped with tools and materials required for the completion of the jewelry production process which are available to students.

Library and Professional Forum
In order to inspire students, the studio holds is a varied and professional library available to the students use for learning and enrichment.  Moreover, there is a studio forum available to the students on the website, where one can read professional articles and get links to relevant sites.

Intimate learning
In order to grant each student with our outmost attention, the number of students in each course is limited to seven students, each working at his/her own work fully equipped station. Each student receives training and support according to his/her own pace considering the jewelry they chose to produce. Upon sign up for a class students commit to a single month of studying, so that we can ensure their place. This commitment can be renewed at the beginning of each month.

Basic training
The basic training class consists of four monthly meetings, which are held over a period of eight months. During this given time  we provide students with the basic tools they need for designing and manufacturing jewelry. At the end of the course students will have the knowledge and basic tools for working in the workshop and will be given the option to enroll in the advanced class in order to develop their professional skills.

What we will learn at the basic class

  1. Introduction to planning and designing jewelry, starting with sketches and copying them to the material
  2. Various work stages in jewelry design
  3. Learning varied techniques with regard to the different materials, jewelry type and working with a budget.
  4. Correct use of tools and equipment, including sawing, grinding, polishing and shining.
  5. Learning to solder with regard to various substances.

In the first stage of the class, students produce jewelry following specific guidelines and later on they are encouraged to produce jewelry according to their own personal taste.

Training and advanced professionalism
This class is open for graduates of our basic training and/or for holders of previous knowledge in the field of jewelry design and crafting. The class takes place over four monthly meetings, during eight months of studying. During the class, students receive professional training in advanced techniques and complexity of designing and manufacturing jewelry. Course material is delivered in accordance with the personal level of each student.

Training content
The class deals with the theory of soldering – delicate and complex, deployment rings, cold connection techniques, linked bracelets or necklaces, the combining of hinges in jewelry,  volume products by press, Mokomha- the combination of several metals, natural coloring of metals, and more. The class provides a basic knowledge of replication and the cast giving students diverse learning techniques.

Jeweler’s professional training
The class is designed for advanced graduates and/or those with extensive knowledge of jewelry making. The purpose of this class is to provide the tools to develop a collection, according to personal choice and style, using techniques learned in previous courses. During the class students will get a taste of the work in the “real-world” of jewelry design and production. The training is engaged in a range of activities, from the sketches to the finished pieces, dealing with difficulties and deadlines.

Techniques learned during in this class

Hot Enamel – glass coating on the metal. Using enamel allows a combination of metal color, an additional aspect of the final design.
Deep burning – metal image transfer using deep burning. This technique allows the transfer of drawings, texts and texture on the metal. It can also be used to create a casting model.
Wax – wax carving allows the construction of three-dimensional sculptural bodies without the limitations of metal. The class focuses on the types of wax, creating volumetric structures and unique rings and casting.

Graduates receive a diploma from Liat Waldman Studio Jewelry design . Certificate registered for training and study subjects gained since the beginning of the course, will specify the areas taught and the duration of studies (diploma is not recognized)

The ultimate gift – Jewelry designing course
The perfect solution original and unique gift to give your loved one is a course in jewelry and jewelry making. A unique and unforgettable experience, which gives him/her quality time for him/herself and exploitation of fun and enriching leisure time. Topics will be adjusted to recipient, so that we can build a package for jewelry classes, which will open a window for the fascinating world of jewelry …

No previous knowledge is required, just a desire to please the recipient. From our experience, chances are that thanks to you, the recipient will be caught in the magic and continue to create jewelry for just pure pleasure.
Expect piece of jewelry in return!

Jewelry design Couple’s class
Design your wedding rings yourself!!

For you, the loving couple about to get married, we have prepared a wonderful class that will add another shade of romance to the beginning of your marriage life. In a joint workshop, you will be personally guided to create the ring your partner will wear as soon as the glass breaks. It does not require prior knowledge, experience or technical skills but only great love for each other and quality time. To be on schedule, you must sign up and begin the class three months ahead of your due date.

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