Getting started at Bezalel
My way started in the Department of Jewelry and Fashion Design at the Bezalel Academy, where I gained knowledge and training. I have a teaching certificate in art and have accumulated over 20 years of experience. My professional way combines creativity, designing with materials and the production itself, which is my great love.

Leading concepts and original designs
Leading a line of original collection my designs are constantly updated. I also take special orders making your dream jewelry come to life.

Jewelry Studies Center
Along with the art work of designing jewelry, I opened a center of practical studies, which is used by students in classes of small and intimate groups to create their own favorite pieces. The classes are a unique experience filled with satisfaction and pleasure.

Grandpa’s shop
The studio and gallery are located on 35 Jaffa Street in downtown Haifa city, where I spent my childhood years at my grandfather’s shoe store.  As a child, I used to help grandpa and he was the inspiration to where I am today.

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Grandpa’s shoe store
The studio and Liat Waldman Gallery was originally a shoe store that belonged Charlie’s grandfather. Today, her father helps at the studio where he once used to carry shoe boxes now it’s jewelry boxes. The deep family connection, gives homey atmosphere and inspires creativity.

Classic and contemporary design
The store has been redesigned and adapted to its current uses. The place, which became the studio and gallery is designed in a classic style, clean and bright, allowing the works to “speak” with the audience. The studio’s striking exterior stands out in the view of downtown Haifa combining “old and new”, against the background of the urban roughness of the old area.

The studio space and jewelry workshop
The studio and gallery space was divided into working areas that are suitable for their uses. The back space was originally used as a warehouse and is now custom to Liat’s workshop where she created her first piece of jewelry and still remains her main work space. The innovative and original thoughts and ideas are born and carried out here, which, in the end, produces new handmade collections. This space also serves as a learning center of trainees, who come to Liat in order to master the art of jewelry making. Because of the special nature of the place, the classes become a unique experience, for individuals, groups or couples.

The Gallery
The front of the studio is currently located in the gallery, which displays the jewelry divided by collections. One can see the newest collections of nature, urban, wedding rings, childhood memories and of course – romance. The gallery was designed in the spirit of the place with simplicity, sophistication, warm colors and combined elements that emphasize the unique jewelry, in the spirit of the place.

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