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Liat Waldman


My name is Liat Waldman, a jewelry designer.  I own a studio and a gallery down town Haifa city.
My connection with the place began in my childhood; it was my grandfather’s shoe store.
Upon my graduation, the store was passed over to me and my studio and gallery was established.
I am a Bezalel Academy for Art and Design’s graduate as well as certificated art teacher, practicing for nearly two decades.
In my studio, I create and teach courses for small groups, while the gallery serves as the showroom. All the activity takes place in a well designed space and pleasant atmosphere.
The professional way, which I have chosen, combines the ability to design the material and the creation itself, which is my great affection.
You are invited to view the variety of jewelry on my website and visit my studio as well, at 35 jaffa st. Haifa.

phone number
35 jaffa st, Haifa, 33262, Israel
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